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Yad L'Yad

Hebrew for "Hand to Hand"

For over 30 years the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews (UCSJ) has worked for the human rights of Jews who remain in the former Soviet Union (FSU). Over the years progress has been made, but there is still much to do. One way to help is to let those in the former Soviet Union know that they are not alone. We do this through Yad L'Yad.

Now entering its sixth year, Yad L'Yad is a source of love, pride, and hope for all involved. It is a partnership program, which pairs synagogues and Jewsih schools in the United States with Jewsih communities throughout the Former Soviet Union. Participating synagogues and schools on both sides of the world benifit from the caring and personal Jewish relationships that grow through these partnerships.

U.S. partners provide humanitarian, cultural, spritual, educational, and financial support. What they get in return is impossible to measure. It includes gaining perspective a chance to perform mitzvot (commandments), to enrich their own lives through a sense of unity and to document and advocate against antisemitic incidents throughout the FSU on a personal level.

For those in the former Soviet Union these partneships give much needed food, medicine and a chance to reclaim Jewish heritage and identity. Yad L'Yad provides food and medicine to the Jewish elderly, and supports Jewish education, religious life, and Jewish communal development. As an additional way for monitoring and advocacy efforts in regions far from UCSJ's existing human rights bureaus in Russia, Ukraine, the Caucasus, the Baltics, and Central Asia, these partnerships provide something else. They provide a chance to have a friend who can and will help. They provide a chance to speak and a chance to be heard. Through Yad L'Yad many are given a voice.


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