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Human and Environmental Rights
Immigration and Israel Issues
Religion Law in Russia
Jewish Organizations
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Human and Environmental Rights

The Bellona Foundation--Norwegian based environmental group with informative news regarding Alexander Nikitin.

Crosspoint Anti Racism--To strengthen the movement against all forms of discrimination and intolerance.

Derechos--Spanish for "Rights," this organization has an excellent index page of human rights organizations around the world, including in the FSU.

European Lawyer's Union--Database of links to human rights organizations

Freedom House--U.S. organization dedicated to protecting democracy and democratic freedoms throughout the globe.

The Andrei Sakharov Foundation--Dedicated to the preservation of the memory of Andrei Sakharov, promotion of his ideas and the defense of human rights.

Sierra Club--U.S. based environmental group working for the rights of Alexander Nikitin

The Moscow Helsinki Group--monitors Russia's compliance with the Helsinki Accords on Human Rights.

Immigration and Israel Issues

Hebrew Immigration Aid Society--U.S. immigration agency with statistical and legislative data on Jews from the FSU.

Religion in Russia

Orthodox Christianity in Russia--The official page of the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate

Official page of the Russian Orthodox Patriarch

Keston News Service--the Keston Institute's site that monitors the implementation of the religion law in Russia

Transnational Institute's Russian religion page--Information on Russian Orthodoxy and other religions

Public Relations Center--An informative guide in the area of religious freedom in the FSU.

Religious intolerance in Russia--site maintained by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

Belief--a journal of the Russian Orthodox Church

Russian Christian home page

Catholic Church in Russia

Stetson University Russian Religion Page--maintained by Dr. Paul Steeves, this page runs news articles from Russian and international media that relate to the practice of religion in Russia.

Jewish Organizations relating to the FSU

Chicago Action for Jews in the Former Soviet Union--Homepage of UCSJ's Chicago Member Council.

The Archive: Jewish Immigrant Culture--The mission of The Archive is to preserve the history and collective memory of the Jewish immigrant community from the former Soviet Union and to create an engaging environment for today's immigrant culture.

Bay Area Council for Jewish Rescue and Renewal--Homepage of UCSJ's Bay Area Member Council.

Project Kesher--This organization empowers women in the FSU to create programs to enrich their lives both spiritually and educationally.

Jewish Heritage Society--The Society seeks to collect, to preserve and to share among scholars the "remnants of the remnants" - the documentary heritage of the Jewish past in Eastern Europe.

Jewish Culture in and about the FSU

All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress--Information about current Jewish life in Ukraine.

Jewish Genealogy For genealogy in the FSU and around the world.

Vinnitsa Jews Online--Regarding the Jewish community of Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

J-Gallery of Igor Ulanovsky--Online exhibit of Igor Ulanovsky who immigrated to Israel from the FSU.

Latvian Artist, Josef Elgurt--A display of the works of 75 year old Josef Elgurt.

Exhibition of Mrs. Sylva Zalmanson--Israeli painter now residing in New York displays her art.

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