A Preview of UCSJ's Antisemitism Documentation 


This is a sample of the annotated documentation from the packet for Russia. Packets are available for all 15 former Soviet states, dating from 1991 to the present day. Please be sure to specify the country and years when inquiring about our packets.

March 28, 2000-Izvestiya “Patriots Off the Big Road” In Oryol several incidents of violence have occurred due to the government’s lack of restriction of extremist groups. Several men have started spouting very antisemitic and anti-Chechen propaganda inciting hatred and murders of innocent victims. Konstantin Kryuchkov was sentenced to 18 years in prison for murder, Igor Semyonov on the other hand, got a year in jail due to his strong “patriotic” feelings. Semyonov has started a militia group complete with paratroopers and plans for using weapons to destroy the “infection” (Jews and Chechens).

March 31, 2000-FBIS “Police in Omsk Arrest Members of Controversial Party” Authorities in Omsk received a tip from a local reporting office that one of the RNU leaders, Aleksey Nikolaev was affiliated with the organized crime bosses. The report came after Nikolaev stormed into the office from which he had been fired and took it over by force. During the police raid, automatic weapons had been confiscated and many of the RNU leaflets and pamphlets were found in the office as well.

April 1, 2000-The Moscow Times “Picketing in Rostov” Residents of a village in the Rostov region were protesting to remove all people of Chechen descent. This occurred a day after a fight between Chechen teenagers and other residents of the village broke out. About 20 people

April 6, 2000-Washington Jewish Week “Bacteria Must Die” An aide to President Putin has described two Jewish media tycoons as bacteria. The two have been under attack for some time, even though a new federal program has begun to increase tolerance in Russia.

April 6, 2000-Vesti Slavyan Rosii “Russian Forum” In Krasnodar a meeting was held to promote the cooperation of several Russian organizations such as Russian science, the Cossacks and others in order to bring Russia back to its greatness. The running theme of the forum was the destruction of Zionists who control the media. The purging of Russia and Russia for Russians were also very popular topics. The final speaker implored people to join together and take over Russia.

April 6, 2000-A Statement by the Memorial Branch Party in Vladimir “On An Attempt to Rehabilitate Stalin, Antisemitism and Mock Dead and Living Political Prisoners” This article is a rebuttal to the official newspaper of the Vladimir authorities that prints antisemitic articles and mocks political prisoners of the Stalin era. The author chastises the paper for trampling on the pride of hundreds of people who were political prisoners who still live in Vladimir.

April 7, 2000-The Moscow Times “Editorial: A President Set to Work with ‘Judas’” This article calls to attention President Putin’s connections to his home city of St. Petersburg and the gubernatorial race that is taking place. The current governor, Vladimir Yakovlev has been described by Igor Artyemev (Yabloko leader) as being “communist, fascist and antisemitic”. The author states that Putin is backing the out of town contender to the race, Matvienko.


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