UCSJ Services for Immigration Attorneys

Affidavits/Expert Testimony

UCSJ experts can provide affidavits and expert witness testimony for Jews and other ethnic and religious minorities from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Central Asia who are seeking asylum or withholding of removal. UCSJ staff may also be able to refer attorneys to other expert witnesses in the US for help on asylum or withholding of removal cases. UCSJ staff can provide expert testimony for asylum seekers from the following FSU countries and regions:

Documentation Available

For a small donation, UCSJ can provide a copy of our extensive, annotated documentation of antisemitic incidents. This documentation can be used in support of an asylum case and often turns out to be vital in certain instances. Packets are available for the following countries during the following years:

To request documentation, please email Nickolai Butkevich (nbutkevich [at] ucsj.com) or contact Sarah Brown (sbrown [at] ucsj.com) at (202) 237-8262 x103. Be sure to clearly indicate which country and years you are requesting. A sample of the packet can be found by clicking here.


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