Antisemitism in the Former Soviet Union: 1995 - 1997

A comprehensive report

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Chapters by FSU Country
Preface Azerbaijan Belarus
... Georgia Kazakstan
Kyrgyzstan Latvia ...
Moldova Russia Tajikistan
Turkmenistan Ukraine Appendix


Preface i
Executive Summary iii

Chapter One: Antisemitism in the Former Soviet Union: Overview 3
Yosef I. Abramowitz and Micah H. Naftalin
Chapter Two: The Context of Antisemitism: The Absence of Rule of Law 17
Maureen Greenwood

Chapter Three: Russia 33
Russia Country Report 35
Russia Essays 65
Extremist "Nazi" Groups Take Power Legally in Pskov 67
Boris Pustintsev and Y. Vdovin
Orel: Extremist Groups are Active in Local Politics 70
Emmanuel Mendelevich
Antisemitism and Xenophobia in the Ideology of Russian Extremist and Nationalist Movements 73
Dr. Leonid Stonov
Russia's Jews - No Respite 76
Alexander Lieberman
Commentaries 78
Mikhail Chlenov, Irina Levinskaya, Alla Gerber, Alexandra Nevskaya,
Alexei Chelnokov, and Nina Katerli

Shortcomings in Law Enforcement Practice 91
Alexander Verkhovski
A List of Russian Extremist Organizations and Parties 103
B Overview of Four Russian Extremist Parties 105
C List of Russian Extremist Newspapers and Magazines 109
D Excerpts from Russian Newspapers 110
E Examples of Antisemitic Cartoons 120

Chapter Four: Ukraine 123
Ukraine Country Report 125
Ukraine Essay 141
Antisemitism Still Exists in Ukraine 142
Name of Author Withheld by Request
Supplements 143
A List of Ukrainian Extremist Newspapers 145
B Excerpts from Ukrainian Extremist Newspapers and Leaflets 146

Chapter Five: Belarus 153
Belarus Country Report 155
Belarus Essays 159
Belarus Government Fails to Respond to Antisemitism 161
Dr. Yakov Basin
Statement of the Jewish Community on Facts of Antisemitism in Belarus 165
Belarus Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities

Chapter Six: Moldova 169
Moldova Country Report 171
Supplement 177
Excerpt from the Moldovan Press 179

Chapter Seven: Azerbaijan 183
Azerbaijan Country Report 185

Chapter Eight: Uzbekistan 191
Uzbekistan Country Report 193
Uzbekistan Essay 199
Antisemitism in Uzbekistan 201
Dr. Tavriz Aronova

Chapter Nine: Latvia 211
Latvia Country Report 213
Latvia Essay 217
Complex Realities for Jews in Latvia 219
Dr. Leonid Stonov

Chapter Ten: Georgia 223
Georgia Country Report 225

Chapter Eleven: Kazakstan 231
Kazakstan Country Report 233

Chapter Twelve: Kyrgyzstan 237
Kyrgyzstan Country Report 239

Chapter Thirteen: Turkmenistan 245
Turkmenistan Country Report 247

Chapter Fourteen: Tajikistan 251
Tajikistan Country Report 253

Jewish Population Statistics by Country 259
Jewish Emigration Statistics 260
List of Secrecy Refuseniks 262
Union of Councils for Soviet Jews: Who We Are and What We Do264


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