Moscow Building Manager Allegedly Promises "No Peace" for Jewish Family

(December 31, 2008)

A building manager in Moscow allegedly used antisemitic abuse against a Jewish family that lives in her building, according to a December 29, 2008 report by the web site. On December 25, the head of the Jewish household asked Irina Ustinova to fix deteriorating electrical wiring on his floor. In response, she allegedly burst into his apartment and told him to, "go to Israel" and: "You live in Russia, not Israel... you will crawl on the floor before me on your knees if you want me to do something for you." Ms. Ustinova allegedly brushed off her tenant's threat to call the police, claiming that, "the police totally share my views on Jews and migrants and I will never let you live here in peace." Two days later, the Jewish family filed a complaint against Ms. Ustinova at the local police station; it is unclear what response, if any, that complaint has generated.

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