Moscow Court Acquits Far-Right Leader

(December 12, 2008)

A court in Moscow acquitted the head of Russia's leading far-right group, which has been linked to racist violence, according to a December 11, 2008 report by the web site. The Kuntsevo district court found Aleksandr Belov, head of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI), innocent of organizing an unsanctioned meeting. For some reason, Mr. Belov did not face hate speech charges, despite the fact that a court ordered expertise found that his speech at the rally "called for hostile action" against Jews and people from Central Asia and the Caucasus. Mr. Belov still faces charges of disobeying police orders. In other news posted on the same day, DPNI members held an anti-migrant rally in Nizhny Novgorod calling for mass deportations. As UCSJ reported yesterday, the Moscow city government granted the DPNI and a prominent neo-Nazi group (the "SS") permission to march in the center of Moscow during an upcoming holiday, while at the same time denying non-violent political opposition forces the same opportunity.

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