Police and Neo-Nazis Allegedly Attack Minority Students in Penza

(December 1, 2008)

Neo-Nazi and police allegedly attacked minority students in Penza, Russia, the latest in a series of violent racist incidents in that city, according to a December 1, 2008 report by the Sova Information-Analytical Center. Citing the independent web site, which has been the target of official repression because of its hard-hitting coverage of the situation in Ingushetia, Sova reported today that on September 6, 2008 a group of neo-Nazis attacked medical students from the Russian republics of the Caucasus on their campus. Police responding to news of the violence allegedly started beating the students while cursing them and insulting their ethnic origin. The violence allegedly continued inside the police station before the students were released; one Ingush student has been hospitalized in serious condition, reportedly as a result of the beating.

On November 18, neo-Nazis again attacked minority students, though this time unsuccessfully. A student leader reportedly announced that the students would kill anyone who attacks them. However, attacks on individuals and threats against female students from the Caucasus continue in the city. The local authorities allegedly warned the students not to report the attacks to their parents, on pain of expulsion.

UCSJ is currently searching for additional information on this alarming news.

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