Antisemitic Newspaper in Moscow Classified as Extremist

(November 25, 2008)

A court in Moscow has classified as extremist one the country's most infamous antisemitic newspapers, according to a Novembrer 25, 2008 report by the Sova Information-Analytical Center citing far-right web sites. The Zamoskvoretsky district court in Moscow ruled on November 24 that the newspaper "Duel" had published an extremist article in its July 4, 2006 edition. The paper's editor, Yuri Mukhin, was originally charged in January 2008. In April 2007, the government's media agency issued an official warning to "Duel" because of the same article ("Death to Russia!"), which characterized Russia as a state ruled by "kikes" intent on continuing their domination of their "Russian slaves." On the basis of this warning, a court ordered that "Duel" be shut down, but the Moscow City Court struck that ruling down in February 2008.

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