More Details About April 20 Attack on Ulyanovsk Jewish Community Center

(May 2, 2002)

As UCSJ reported earlier, a group of extremist nationalists tried to break the windows of the Ulyanovsk Jewish community's office on Hitler's birthday (April 20). According to a report received by UCSJ today, the office had strong shutters that were closed tightly, causing the attackers to give up on breaking the windows. After screaming "Kikes, get out of Russia!" the extremists painted some antisemitic grafitti on the walls and left.

The following are pictures of the grafitti, received by UCSJ today:

Kikes, get out of Russia!!

Don't pollute our land

Ministry of Health warning: Contact with kikes is bad for your health; Pork shishkebab; Israel + USA=Death

(The number 88 is international skinhead code for "Heil Hitler," H being the 8th letter of the Enlgish alphabet)

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