Lithuanian Neo-Nazis Rally on May Day

(May 2, 2001)

Right-Wing Nationalists Celebrate May Day in Northern Lithuanian Town
Baltic News Service

Siauliai, Lithuania, 1 May: The Siauliai, Lithuania chapter of the fringe Logic of Life Party held a demonstration and celebration in Resurrection Square and city streets Tuesday.

More than 200 residents of the Lithuania city located some 160 kilometres to the northwest of the capital listened as the leaders of the party's Vilnius, Kaunas and Siauliai chapters delivered speeches.

The speakers called for jailing embezzlers and state leaders who have ruined the country, as well as demanding all embezzled assets be nationalized.

A column of approximately 100 people formed a procession after the meeting in the city centre. An open-air ATV led the procession flying the Lithuanian National Socialist movement's flag, with self-declared Logic of Life Party leader Mindaugas Murza carrying a bouquet of roses and other party leaders following behind. Local people followed them with signs, banners, Lithuanian and party flags and balloons, shouting "Lithuania, wake up!"

Two police vehicles escorted the parade with lights flashing.

The municipality granted permission for holding the meeting at Resurrection Square.

A month ago Murza and another party leader were fined for holding an unlicensed demonstration in front of the Siauliai municipality building. Both said they wouldn't pay the fines.

Logic of Life was an unknown and defunct party until Murza, repeatedly rebuffed in his attempts to register his neo-Nazi National Socialist Party with Lithuanian election officials, decided to join in December last year.

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