Lithuanian City Councilman Predicts “World Jewry Will Be Thrown onto the Dust Heap of History”

(April 12, 2005)

Prosecutors have begun an investigation into a series of antisemitic statements by Mindaugas Murza, a city councilman in Siauliai, Lithuania and leader of the neo-Nazi Lithuanian National Democratic Party, according to an April 11, 2005 report by the Baltic News Agency. Speaking at a meeting of his party held inside city hall, Mr. Murza predicted that “World Jewry will be thrown onto the dust heap of history” and added that Jews are “the most cruel and crafty enemy of the European race and of all humanity and the total [sic] inciter of war.”

Past efforts to punish Mr. Murza for inciting ethnic hatred, which is illegal in Lithuania, have not proven successful. Ten years ago, he burst onto the local political scene by founding the Union of National Socialist Unity of Lithuanians, but unlike his current organization, that party never was registered by the government.

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